Please mail all repairs to the below address:
Gadget Pro
4510 S. Peoria Ave.
Tulsa, OK 74105


Each device you send to us MUST have an intake form filled out for each device.


Turnaround times can vary widely based on our workload, and the number of repairs sent together. Generally, we can complete a single repair same-day. If you are uncertain about your repair timeframe, please contact us before sending any repairs


We require the full device to complete a repair.Devices missing components without prior authorization will be returned NO-FIX at the customers expense


iPad repair pricing does NOT include removal of the screen. We will remove the screen at no extra cost if sent assembled,but if the iPad has a screen assembly where the LCD is fused to the digitizer, we will NOT accept responsibility for the cost of a new LCD

Passcodes and iCloud passwords

Passcodes are required for testing. If we do not have the password, we will not be able to verify a successful repair. We will still warranty these repairs, but the customer will be responsible for ALL shipping cost BOTH WAYS in these cases

Liquid Damage

All Liquid Damage recoveries are offered for Data Recovery only, and will under NO circumstance be covered under warranty.


We offer a 90-day parts and labor warranty on all eligible repairs. This warranty covers ONLY the repair completed on the device.Any secondary issues your device may exhibit will not be covered under this warranty

Customer Data

While we do our best to backup all customer data before starting a repair, we are not responsible for customers data, and do not guarantee that it will not be lost in the process of a repair.Customer data retrieved in the process of data recovery will be stored in our database for 4-days. If needed, we can send you the customer data at no extra cost (transfered by 3rd party cloud service)

Prior Attempt

Any prior attempt is subject to a $30 secondary attempt fee.


When paying by Paypal, we will ONLY ship to the address listed on the account, and signature verification is ALWAYS required. NO EXCEPTIONS. Repairs cannot be shipped until they have been payed for. As soon as a repair is complete, we will invoice and notify you.