Repair is your RIGHT!

In April, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) called out a handful of companies -- including Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft -- for illegally voiding people's warranties when they tried to repair their game consoles and electronics themselves. 

Previously, taking your Nintendo Switch or PlayStation 4 into a third-party shop for repairs could void the official warranty, but now the two companies have changed their warranty terms in the US and Canada to comply with the FTC's demands. So now you may not have to think twice before getting your console fixed.

Sony originally said that a product's warranty would be voided if used with an unlicensed peripheral or if the warranty sticker has been altered or removed. The new Sony policy now reads that the warranty is voided if "damage [is] caused by" doing these things, requiring that extra condition of damage to make the warranty invalid.

Nintendo's new warranty terms took a similar approach, saying that the warranty is void if the product is damaged or the software is intentionally modded -- which actually appears to be a new limitation for Nintendo. (You can see for yourself using the Wayback Machine.) Before, tampering of any sort would void the warranty.

James Berry